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Our mission is to manufacture superb high-quality artisan goods, hand crafted in the UK.


Our vision is to supply households with affordable luxury products, delivering first-rate customer confidence, lasting quality, and enduring approval.


About our Candles

Our candles are created using natural sustainable soy wax and hand poured in the Sandringham area of Norfolk. The wax is heated to precisely 85°C and then left to reduce in temperature to encourage extra bonding with our fragrance throughout the curing process.

Once at the desired pour temperature, we individually fill each container to its maximum tolerance to deliver a superior crafted candle for your home.

We use German manufactured WEDO wick technology, renowned for producing the best quality wicks in the world. Each wick is of flat-wick construction, has three main bundles, three stability bundles and a braid density of 400 per metre.

Sniff tins, four per box

We are a small family centred artisan candle company, creating superior quality scented candles inspired by the beautiful county of Norfolk.

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Our aesthetically pleasing packaging

We use high quality sustainable soy wax with professional self-trimming wick technology, encompassed in a luxury designer matt black glass. We have created a bespoke superior finished candle ensuring even wax melt down to the base of the container. 

Aesthetically pleasurable packaging, sophisticatedly designed, captures the very essence of Norfolk and countryside appeal. A great souvenir, gift, or simple self-indulgence, our luxury scented cand
les will brighten any setting. Each fragrance encapsulates a little piece of the beautiful Norfolk landscape.

We take our ethics seriously and strive for environmental efficiency. All our packaging can be composted or recycled to encourage sustainability. Our natural soy wax is free from paraffin, not tested on animals, making everything vegan friendly. We use a card candle topper to finish, not wood, to help reduce forest burden and our ‘sniff-tin’ samples can be upcycled as you desire.

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