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Norfolk range candles




A little Norfolk candle company

A little piece of Norfolk to your home...

Our candles are hand poured in small batches in the Sandringham area. Each fragrance is inspired with nostalgic notes of blissful summer holiday memories, beach excursions and rural winter jaunts. If you live in Norfolk, or visit from time to time, every fragrance teleports senses to forest, field and coastline, delivering a little piece of Norfolk for you home.

British candle federation

We are part of the British Candlemakers Federation.

Each luxury candle is complimented with a selection of ‘sniff-tins’ – sample other fragrances from our range at your desire.

Sniff-tins can be up-cycled at your leisure... Why not share them with friend.

Complementary sniff tins
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Child drawing on the 'you design me' candle
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You design me...

Each seasonal speciality candle arrives with its own decorating pen to create and personalise your candle - if you make a mistake, simply wipe off and start again. Great for encouraging kids to explore their artistic prowess. Why not start a competition for who has the scariest design... use hashtag #youdesignme.

Freshly lit costal cottage candle

All fragrances are sourced and blended by our team to produce the Norfolk based inspirations we are recreating for you. Each fragrance has gone through vigorous testing and development to ensure only the best blends are selected in line with our ambition to deliver

 A little piece of Norfolk for your home…

Natural soy wax
Woodland Walk candle

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